SEXUAL ASSAULT With Ashley Renee

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Duration: 12min 04sec

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SEXUAL ASSAULT …Sexy Ashley Renee was staying late at the office finishing up her last bit of work, when suddenly, an ill-intended visitor entered the room.  He immediately commanded the lovely assistant to gag herself with a huge ball.  After having completed that task, he forced her to stand before him & shamefully undress.  She did so hesitantly, but free from choice.  Once he saw her lacy bra & sheer panties, he decided he wanted more.  The lustful man demanded that she begin to fondle her full breasts, then swiftly asked that she move her wandering fingers down between her legs, where he could watch her stimulate herself.  Next, the fiend roped her down in a chair with her legs bound apart.  After admiring his handiwork for awhile as his victim struggled, he decided that there was time enough for something a bit kinkier.  He removed a chain of clips that he pinched down on her beautiful pink nipples before stringing the other clips down to her pussy, which was only slightly covered by her sheer panties.  He clamped the clips down hard on her tender pussy lips.  She tried to fight it, but there was clearly nothing more she could do but succumb to his whims for the night.

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