NATURAL URGES With Ashley Renee


Duration: 06min 37sec

High Definition: YES

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NATURAL URGES …I was alone and working late when a masked intruder broke into the place.  He sexually tormented me for awhile before tying me down on top of my desk.  Once made helpless with rope, he ripped open my blouse to expose my huge tits, which he drooled over as they jiggled during my struggle.  I was tightly gagged, & my muffled protests went ignored as he strapped a vibrating wand to my thigh with its head pressed firmly against my clit.  Then his switched the device on.  Waves, in the form of both pleasure & shame, surged throughout my body.  I wanted so much to pull away, but as the pulses throbbed against my tender button, I felt myself get hot, as my pussy grew wet.  Before I knew it, I was uncontrollably bucking & moaning like a whore, desperately trying to grind my cunt into this weapon of pleasure.  What was wrong with me?  Why was I doing this in front of the evil stranger who violated me?  I couldn’t help it.  The primal desire that existed in me willed it so, & I knew that I was going to have to cum to free myself of this fiend’s lustful control over me.  So I embraced my natural urges & came hard.  SO hard…

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