ROPE BURNS with Damon Pierce & Ashley Renee


Duration: 7min51

High Defination: NO

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ROPE BURNS : Damon Pierce and Claire Adams knew I needed a night to get away, so they invited me over to their place for dinner. However, instead of being sociable, I became completely preoccupied with the array of BDSM books they had in their library. This so distracted me, that all I wanted to do was read and masturbate. It even gave me ideas for my next diary entry. Once lost in my own fantasies, I completely forgot Claire and Damon were waiting for me. They soon came looking for me, and were not pleased that dinner had gotten cold. Damon threw me on the floor and tied me to the convenient hooks he had planted. He pulled my shirt up, yanked my pants down, and they both double teamed me, giving me some of the best forced orgasms Ive ever had. What made it even more exciting, is that I couldn’t see because they had placed ropes over my eyes. I was in sheer heaven. After it was over, Damon threw my journal on my chest and reminded me to include that. 🙂

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