PROOF OF LIFE With Saico & Ashley Renee


Duration: 07min 54sec

High Definition: YES

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PROOF OF LIFE : My husband was out of town & I had just arrived home after a day of shopping.  Unbeknownst to me, a creepy kidnapper had let himself in & was waiting for me in the dark shadows of my home.  The second I had my back to him, he lunged at me & put a cloth of chloroform over my mouth.  The next thing I remember, I awoke to find myself in a creepy place, dressed in a sexy babydoll, bound all over my body.  I could overhear him on the phone talking to, who I assumed was, my husband, demanding that he paying him $2,000,000 or he would never see me alive again.  The villain then hung up the phone & approached me on the sofa carrying a video camera.  He filmed me struggling for what seemed like an eternity before pulling out his camera phone to also snap stills.  He spoke only for a minute to let me know that he would be sending this content to my husband as proof of life.  At that point….all I could do was pray that my husband loved me as much as I loved him…

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