GOTH GIRL with Ashley Renee


Duration: 7min 16sec

High Definition: YES

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GOTH GIRL : There’s always been a very dark spot in my soul. A place where things are morbid, and bizarre. Today was the day I’d let everyone see the goth side of my personality. I’d wear a lovely black dress, fishnet stockings and ballet boots. I’d let my soul show through , if only for an instant. I thought I was alone when I changed my clothes, but I wasn’t. Someone was there with me, someone I didn’t recognize. She tied me up , and shoved a big ring gag in my mouth. I struggled, hoping she’d let me out. Instead, she pulled me onto the tips of my ballet boots. She wanted me on point. She tied me tightly to a post in the kitchen, she’d tape over the huge ring gag so no one could hear my moaning. I’d struggle helplessly, but it fit my mood. I’m dark today , and so was my situation.

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