Duration: 19min13

High Defination: NO

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Business woman Ashley Renee has a appointment with her Mistress JJ Plush . Apparently her husband( Steve Villa ) thinks she is up to no good so he follows her and peeks into JJ’s house. He can’t believe what he sees. Steve Villa’s wife is willingly getting tied up , gagged and fondled by another beautiful woman and Steve is furious !

He bursts into the house seething and tries to prove to his wife that he can do these sorts of things too if that is what she is into. Ashley denies being into it as he roughly ties up JJ and then removes her panties, stuffs them into her mouth and wraps her head with some duct tape he saw nearby. He runs off to find another pair of JJ’s panties to stuff into his wifes mouth after he removes the ballgag and then wraps her head with duct tape. He puts JJ in a hogtie on the couch and then bends his wife over the side of the couch and pulls her pantyhose down and proceeds to bang her right in front of JJ against her will.