Duration: 11min 54sec

High Definition: YES

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The beautiful Mistress Isabella, who’s dressed in a sexy tight black latex dress, has me acting as her maid for the day, & as such, has insisted that I dress the part. She has me dusting the house while wearing a sexy, black latex with pink lace trim maid’s uniform, complete with apron, matching fingerless gloves, black rubber stockings, & black patent leather stiletto heels. She also has me in a black leather collar & wrist cuffs with a spreader bar attached to both, running across the back of my shoulders keeping my hands up & apart. She has a black leather gag across my mouth that is fitted with a feather duster so that I may only dust the house with my mouth. Underneath my short dress are black latex panties that are pushing an inflatable anal plug hard up my ass. When Mistress Isabella enters she shows me how unsatisfied she is with my work by strongly inflating the anal plug until I groan from discomfort. Then she removes the duster attachment from the gag, pushes me up against a rack on the wall, & forcefully pulls my breasts out of the front of my dress. She roughly gropes my huge tits & pinches my nipples hard before tying me to the wall rack with bright blue rope. After that, she puts painfully tight nipple clamps on me, & begins to torment me by stretching & pulling on my tender nipples. She removes the clamps, but she is not nearly done with her torment. She lifts up my dress & pulls my rubber panties up hard between my legs revealing the soft lips of my pussy so she can make sure to get the full harsh effect as she flogs me hard between my legs. Then she grabs a vibrating wand that she presses against my now tender cunt & begins to bring me toward climax. When my pussy becomes wetter, and my pleasure more apparent as I grow closer to orgasm….she stops without allowing me to cum, refusing to reward bad behavior!